Performance Accessories

SCARIB Stability System

Ruckmarine is now offering the most significant advancement in performance, safety, and convenience for the small sportboat market.  The Team Scarab SCARIB Stability System is available as an aftermarket kit for aluminum and fiberglass boats of all types. 


The SCARIB Stability System reduces fuel consumption while delivering enhanced performance and increased safety.  This is a quality alternative to high cost RIBs!


  • Increased stability at rest and underway
  • Increased bouyancy and load capacity 
  • Improved level flotation
  • Faster planing
  • Greater safety
  • Maximized interior space
  • Permanent fendering


The SCARIB Stability System can be added to a variety of aluminum fishing boats and fiberglass runabouts already in use to improve their performance, increase load-carrying capacity, and add to overall safety.  It is also a significant advancement toward the development of performance-oriented electric sportboats.

Download the SCARIB Stability System Brochure
SCARIB Stability System.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]


Available in two lengths, for aluminum and fiberglass boats 12 feet to 20 feet.



LOA:         8'     13'

Height:   10"     10"

Width:      6"      6"


Price:  $595.00 per set


Contact Ruckmarine for details and availability. Custom sizes and dock fendering systems available.

The SCARIB Stability System is derived from the same concept developed for Willard Marine's 43' High-Speed Interceptor RIB.  This boat was also selected by the America's Cup Racing Association to be used as their umpire boat for the racing series, due to its ability to safely keep up with the AC72s!  The video below shows the boat in action on San Francisco Bay. 


Also be sure to check out the YouTube video "Digital Umpires," which features the Willard 43' Interceptor RIB as it discusses the role of the umpires in America's Cup racing.