UPDATE: June 2019


Lake Boat takes delivery of first LGM system shipped to the USA! 


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Currently under construction by Lake Boat of Polson, Montana, FLAIR is a beautiful electric runabout in an early 20th century "auto-boat" style. 


FLAIR is planned for introduction on Lake Tahoe in Spring 2019!

FLAIR Particulars

Length (LOA):    29 feet

Beam:               7 feet

Displacement:    3,677 pounds

Draft:                2 feet, 3 inches


Seating for 5 with two captain’s chairs and aft horseshoe bench seating


Design and Naval Architecture:  Laurie McGowan, McGowan Marine Desig

The FLAIR electric sportboat was designed by Laurie McGowan, a renowned naval architect based in Nova Scotia.  Laurie has extensive experience designing a variety of energy-efficient commercial and recreational boats.


Laurie designed FLAIR specifically for electric propulsion.  The design incorporates all of the attributes necessary for a hull to be easily driven to planing speeds with minimal energy, delivering excellent speed, ride comfort, and battery life.  

The result is a beautiful boat that provides hours of clean, quiet, high-performance boating, in style!  FLAIR combines head-turning looks with outstanding performance, traditional style with minimal maintenance. 


This is a boat you want to be seen in! (But they won't hear you coming!


FLAIR is optimized for clean, quiet, comfortable cruising.  With FLAIR you can take family and friends on serene trips around the lake, with plenty of power available when needed.


  • Top Speed:  20 knots (23 MPH)
  • Cruising Speed: 10 knots  (11.5 MPH)
  • Range: 40 miles at 10 knots
  • Charge Time:  0-100% in <4 hours


FLAIR is powered by a custom-engineered marine electric propulsion system from 

LGM Co. Ltd.  The LGM electric drive system in FLAIR has been specifically designed for safety, reliability, performance, and minimal maintenance. 



  • Continuous Power (hp):  90
  • Operating Battery Voltage (Vdc):  130-450                                                         


  • Advanced lithium-ion battery pack with total 42 kWh usable energy   
  • Nominal Voltage (V):  302.4
  • Nominal Capacity (Ah):  40/60Ah
  • IP Rating:  IP67


FLAIR is being built with a construction technique referred to as “cold molded.”  The technique involves laminating together layers of wood planks to create a hull that is strong, lightweight, and watertight.  This will then be covered with a thin layer of fiberglass, resulting in a boat with the aesthetics of wood but the maintenance-free characteristics of fiberglass.


The advantages of cold molded construction include:

  • Superior construction to fiberglass;  higher strength to weight ratio
  • Sound dampening qualities means noise of water on hull is reduced
  • Strength is provided by layers of wood glued together in alternating directions to prevent movement
  • Only a thin layer of fiberglass is needed to achieve a superior                                                              waterproof & abrasion resistant finish

The best of both worlds, beautiful and carefree!

About Lake Boat

Joe Taylor, owner of Lake Boat, is a master boatbuilder specializing in wooden boat construction and modern fabrication techniques.  The result is boats that combine the tradition and beauty of wood with the maintenance-free benefits of modern fiberglass epoxy.


Joe is passionate about preserving the environment while still enjoying recreational boating.  Joe and naval architect Laurie McGowan have designed FLAIR specifically for clean electric propulsion.  Ruckmarine is proud to be working with Joe and Laurie in introducing this beautiful and impactful boat! 


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