The Benefits of Electric Boating

Electric propulsion for recreational boats simply makes sense.  


Not only are electric boats friendlier to our air and water, but they offer advantages not often considered, such as reduced maintenance time and cost, easy startup and operation for everyone, quieter outings, and the ability to breathe in the fresh outdoor air as opposed to exhaust fumes.


Many recreational boating applications, such as sailing, fishing, casual cruising, beginning watersports, shoreside camping, and “simply messing about in boats,” are ideally suited to today’s electric propulsion technology.  


Electric boating is ... 



  • Zero emission of pollutants into the air
  • Zero release of effluents into the water
  • No exhaust fumes


  • Reduced noise pollution on the shore, on the water, and on the boat 
  • Smooth, quiet shifting, with no gearbox or transmission

Low Maintenance

  • No oil changes, no replacement of filters, hoses, belts and fuel lines, no valve
  • adjustments, ...
  • No tune-ups required
  • No ethanol issues
  • Easy to launch, start, and operate


  • Zero consumable fuel cost and minimal charging cost
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Complete energy independence with solar charging



Ruckmarine Electric Sportboats  

Less pollution, less noise, less maintenance, ... and more fun!