KONA® 15 Electric PowerSkiff

The KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff is a new concept in trailerable boating, a versatile 15-foot all-electric sportboat, ideal for a variety of applications:  open fishing skiff, tender, club support boat, harbor patrol boat, workboat, and more. 


The KONA 15 delivers up to 4 hours of runtime at cruising speeds of up to 5 MPH, with up to 10 hours trolling time, ideal for an afternoon of fishing, cruising, patrolling, coaching and training, and other uses on controlled or environmentally sensitive waters or those not accessible with typical gas-powered boats.


Ruckmarine is offering a complete electric skiff package, including the boat, Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 electric motor, AGM batteries, on-board charger, and trailer.  There are a variety of options and accessories available.

By building on the proven reputations of the PowerSkiff hull, Torqeedo Electric Outboard motors, and Lifeline AGM batteries, Team Scarab has put together a modern fiberglass skiff which can be used on lakes and reservoirs typically not available to boats of this type. 


The Foster City Islander spent an afternoon with Ruckmarine and the KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff.  The article, Hitching a Ride to "Taste the Magic", starts on page 5.

November 13, 2013 Foster City Islander
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Below is a video of the KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff on Foster City Lagoon.

Operation is as simple as turn-it-on-and-go!  At the end of a day on the water, simply recharge with a standard 120-volt extension cord at home or at the dock and you’re ready to get back on the water for another day of clean, quiet boating!


In July 2013 the KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff successfully completed the "Torqeedo Challenge," a run across over 30 miles of open ocean, from Long Beach to Avalon on Catalina Island, under electric power only!

In areas and applications where gasoline availability and operational uptime are issues, the KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff eliminates the limitations that come with traditional outboards. 


The KONA 15 can be used in fresh or saltwater, with minimal maintenance.  When used in saltwater, simply hose the boat and motor down – no need to flush the engine!  And gone forever are the hassles of checking impellers, changing gear lube, replacing fuel filters and hoses, spark plugs, ...!

View and download the electric package brochure:

KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff Brochure
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The PowerSkiff is also available with center console helm steering and a variety of motor and battery options.  Contact Ruckmarine to discuss your specific needs. 


Launch Everywhere!

Check out this partial list of restricted lakes and reservoirs in Northern California, just a few examples of the many controlled bodies of water you can access with the KONA 15 Electric PowerSkiff but not with gas-powered boats! 

Partial List of Restricted Lakes and Reservoirs in Northern California
Example Restricted Lakes in Northern Cal[...]
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